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Our Mission Vision
RMETI serves as a catalyst for tradesmen who represent proper morals, responsibility and virtue to restore INTEGRITY to the electrical industry- as well as to advise students in life skills such as professionalism and in communication.
Our Commitment
RMETI is committed to top quality training. We provide the best educational programs available to use both in career and life. RMETI’s staff and partners are committed: Instructors, Businesses and Contractors are able to offer more than just industry code but also hands on experience! We ensure our graduates are professional with excellent communication skills which serve the Customer, City Inspectors and all contractors.

The Rocky Mountain Electrical Training Institute (hereafter referred to as school) offers a top quality electrical training program supported by a professional group of teachers and electricians committed to passing on quality knowledge and “Tradesman” skills to the next generation of the
electrical construction workforce.

First Year Student Curriculum

* Orientation / Basic Tools needed
* Basic Construction Math/ whole numbers and fractional equations
* Code Basics/ reading, understanding, definitions
* Code Divisions 1/ house codes, remodeling
* Code Divisions 2/ service codes, basic circuitry
* Job Site Expectations/ Safety/ ongoing class discussion topic
* Parts, Pieces and Fittings/ various electric supply warehouse locations
* Communication skills
* Blueprints/ classroom discussion topic w/ hands on
* Basic Home Construction/ house framing on various construction sites
* Basic House Wiring/ Circuitry Basics/ simple calculationsĀ 
* Special Equipment/ Lighting/ Photocells
* Fire Alarm/ Security Systems/ Phone & Cable


Second Year Student Curriculum

* Orientation
* Code Navigating/ where to find what
* Appliance Loads/ branch circuit types
* Water in the Area/ GFCI’S
* Ampacities/ Voltages/ Circuitry
* Testing/ ongoing preparation in class
* Services/ overhead, underground feeders
* Classified Locations/ class differences, divisions
* Grounded Conductors/ Grounding Conductors
* Panels/ Conduits/ types and uses/ hands on in various supply houses
* Job Site Safety/ ongoing class discussion
* Critical thinking skills


Third Year Student Curriculum

* Orientation
* Grounding/ metal, concrete buildings
* Voltage Drop/ calculations
* Basic Math II/ it’s just an angle
* Extensive Blueprints/ electrical, mechanical, structural
* Signs/ indoors and out
* Critical Thinking Skills II
* Safety/ ongoing discussion
* Pipe Bending/ various job sites
* Conductor Fill/ Conduit Fill/ Box Fill/ Voltage Drop/ calculations
* Parts, Pieces and Fittings/ hands on in various electrical supply warehouses
* 3 Phase Systems/ Motor Controls/ Controllers
* Hazardous Locations/ Explosion Proof Equipment/ Dust tight Preparations/ plan ahead, job site homework


Fourth Year Student Curriculum

* Orientation
* Circuit design/ drawing your own blueprints/ class topic
* Math Calculations/ out of your mind, not calculator/ practicing
* Pipe Bending/ class and hands on at electric supply house
* Transformers/ single and 3 phase
* Leaders in the Field and Life/ Logistics/ preparation for crews/ class discussion topic
* Business Ethics
* Job Site Safety/ holding safety meetings/ ongoing class discussion
* Code Review/ bring it all together
* Code Testing/ remember to practice
* Passing Inspections/ do it right the first time
* Meeting Schedules/ planning time
* Journeyman Test Review/ do better




Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday 6-8 pm

 Classes Starts Every

March & September

State Approved Electrical Trade School-
Rocky Mountain Electrical Training Institute