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Our Mission Vision
RMETI serves as a catalyst for tradesmen who represent proper morals, responsibility and virtue to restore INTEGRITY to the electrical industry- as well as to advise students in life skills such as professionalism and in communication.
Our Commitment
RMETI is committed to top quality training. We provide the best educational programs available to use both in career and life. RMETI’s staff and partners are committed: Instructors, Businesses and Contractors are able to offer more than just industry code but also hands on experience! We ensure our graduates are professional with excellent communication skills which serve the Customer, City Inspectors and all contractors.
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Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday 6-8 pm

 Classes Start Every

January & July

Tuition and Fees
Tuition: $2000
Registration: $350
Entire Cost of Each Program: $2350
Schedule of Payments:  
Balance Due $2000
Payments of $500
Due Dates are by the 5th of each month for 4 months

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